How to use DASBot for Music

DASBot !play command

I saw several people who had problems with DASBot about listening to music on the voice channel. Today I will teach you how to use DASBot to listen to music (literally any YouTube video).

What are the steps?

  1. Enter a voice channel. Make sure that DAS has permissions to connect and to speak on that voice channel.
  2. Use ‘!play <youtube video name/URL/playlist>’
  3. If you put a video name after ‘!play’ you’ll have to choose the video from a list of 5 different videos.
  • You need to type only the NUMBER of the song. In that case, if I want to listen to ‘Rick Astley – Together Forever (Video)’ I’ll type ‘2’ and DAS will play that song.

Don’t use ‘!play 2’ if you want to listen to the 2nd song.


1. How do I skip the currently playing song?

Use the command ‘!skip’ to skip the currently playing song.
DASBot !skip

2. How can I view the queue of the songs?

Use the command ‘!queue’ to see all the songs in queue.

3. How can I loop the songs?

Use the command ‘!loop’ to repeat the queue indefinitely.
DASBot !loop

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