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DAS League of Legends

I want to explain how to use the commands for the League of Legends game correctly.

DASBot currently has 5 commands for League of Legends. These are the following:

  • !summoner – Information about a summoner.
  • !rotation – The current LoL champion rotation.
  • !champion – Information about a LoL champion
  • !lastmatch – Information about a last match of a summoner.
  • !matches – View statistics about the last 3 matches of a summoner.


This is the most used command for LoL. Through it you can see information about any summoner from any region. You can see the level, rank, current match and top 3 champions of any player.


Another useful command, you can always check the current rotation of the champions.

League of Legends !rotation


With this command you can search for the name of a champion available in the game and see all the information about it.

League of Legends !champion


You can check the last match of a LoL player in detail.


And this is the last command, in which you can see the last 3 matches of a player and some significant details from them.

League of Legends !matches

I hope you understand what it is about and how to use these commands CORRECTLY.

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