Top features you must try after adding DAS

Once you have added DAS to your guild, you must give a try to one of the features from the list.


With such a great connection from our servers and the stability of our bot, listening music on DAS it’s such a great experience.

You can listen to Playlists, Soundcloud, Spotify and the old good YouTube.

It’s easy to say that DAS is the Spotify (or the Apple Music) of Discord 😏

discord music commands
A list of commands for Music

Try our dashboard

Custom welcome messages? Custom commands and more? We got you covered.

discord custom welcome
Add a warm welcome message for your users
custom commands
Add a custom command
custom permissions to moderation
Dashboard, Customize the moderation command

Flex witn your stats

Having a great stats it’s awesome when you can also share it with someone else.

DAS has features like, stats from your own League Of Legends Account or even Fortnite.

fortnite stats
league of legends stats

Search for something on wikipedia

Our command for searching on wikipedia it’s simply what you would thought. It will search for your input on Wikipedia and it will return the output as a text on the chat.


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