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Use the prefix ! for all our commands.
Command Category Description
csgo Fun View your CS:GO profile. (or someone else profile) Preview
weather Fun Display the weather from a city. Preview
ask Fun Ask the bot about anything. Preview
love Fun Calculates the love affinity you have for another person. Preview / Preview 2
google Fun Search anything using Google. Preview
image Fun Search for an image. -
mcskin Fun Find a Minecraft Player Skin. Preview
steam Fun Steam account details. Preview
vote Fun Vote the bot on Preview
fortnite Fun Display someone's stats, the current store, and challenges. Preview
ping Info Bot's ping. Preview
serverinfo Info Information about the server. Preview
botinfo Info Information about the bot. Preview
covid Info Information about COVID-19 cases. Preview / Preview 2
uptime Info Bot's uptime. Preview
urban Info Search in the urban dictionary any word. Preview
imdb Info Searches the open movie database for movie information Preview
userinfo Info Information about the specified user. Preview
ban Moderation Ban a member from your server (if you have permission). Preview
purge Moderation Clears the chat. Preview
kick Moderation Kicks the member. Preview / Preview 2
champion LoL Information about a League of Legends champion. Preview
rotation LoL The current League of Legends champion rotation. Preview
matches LoL View statistics about the last 3 matches of a summoner. Preview
mastery LoL Information about a summoner's masteries. Preview
lastmatch LoL Information about a last match of a summoner. Preview
summoner LoL Information about a League of Legends summoner. Preview
loop Music Loops the current queue. Preview
leave Music Makes the bot leave the voice channel. Preview
np Music Displays what the bot is currently playing. Preview
pause Music Makes the bot resume the music currently playing. Preview
play Music Put music to the bot. Preview
queue Music Displays what the current queue is. Preview
skip Music Skips the song currently playing. Preview
volume Music Adjusts the volume of the bot. Preview
forward Music Forward the current song. Preview
rewind Music Rewind the current song. Preview
shuffle Music Shuffle the current queue. Preview
avatar Utility View your Discord avatar. (or someone else avatar) Preview / Preview 2
discrim Utility Searches for users with the specified discriminator. Preview
dm Utility Direct message a specified user as the bot. Preview
game Utility Searches Steam for games. Preview
reminder Utility Set a reminder for you with the given time. Preview
screenshot Utility Captures a screenshot of a given URL. Preview
wikipedia Utility Searches Wikipedia for the specified article. Preview
wallpaper Utility Get a ramdom wallpaper. Preview
youtube Utility Search information about a youtube channel Preview