Everything new about DASBot

Bot Updates


Improved music

We've added some quality updates for the music of the bot. It is one of the most used functions, we are very careful so that everyone is satisfied with DASBot.

  • You can now listen to music from Spotify™.
  • We've improved it, so the bot connects to the voice channel as soon as possible.
  • We worked on the performance, so that there would be no interruptions.
  • We made choosing the song easier by using the buttons provided by Discord™.
New maintenance system

To ensure that users do not experience problems, we have added a new maintenance system.

  • With each new update, if you use a command during the update, you will receive a message that DAS is in maintenance.
  • At the end of the maintenance, DAS will send you a message that the maintenance has ended.
  • Also, you can always find out if DAS has any problems here.
New commands

The following commands have been added.

  • !teamseas - View details about the TeamSeas campaign.
  • !santa - How much time is left until Santa is coming.
  • !status - View the current status of DASBot, Discord™ and League of Legends™.

We're planning for the next update to add support for Apple Music™, SoundCloud™ and Deezer™.

That's all for 2021, see you in 2022!

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Website Updates


New Website

A new design for the website, a design that truly defines DASBot. The old website will remain in our souls and you can always see it here.  

  • New 'Updates' page. You're reading this right now 😁.
  • New 'Status' page. You can visit this new page right here.
  • The 'Commands' page contains more details and is much easier to understand.
  • New blog posts. You can read all the blog posts here.